Hire & Sales
> We have a range of reputable brand name diesel, petrol and gas forklifts in various sizes for short and long term rental.
> Our prices are extremely competitive.We assure our customers of superior attention to detail and prompt service.
> Forklift repairs are guaranteed.
> Power Forklift Hire and Sales is based in Johannesburg and operates in the Gauteng area.
> We aim to eliminate the hassle of managing forklifts and remove the problem of forklift down-time so you can spend your time managing your business.


About us - Copy

Power forklift was started in 2004 in response to a need in business and industry for a more cost effective and customised service. We pride ourselves on our attention to detail and “Can do” attitude. From ensuring your day to day needs are met, or a special one off project is a success, we will make it happen.

Power Forklift has a well maintained fleet of European and Japanese forklifts available for hire. We aim to remove the difficulty of managing forklifts so our customers can concentrate on running their own businesses.

From ongoing long term forklift rentals to servicing and repairs of customer owned forklifts our technicians are qualified, experienced and capable of looking after a wide range of branded forklifts from Toyotas to Hysters, Lindes and Chinese brands like JAC, Rhino Heli and Feeler as well.

Power Forklift is based in Steeledale, Johannesburg.

Power Forklift is:
  • A Level 4 Contributor
  • A Value-Adding Enterprise as defined in the Codes of Good Practice on Broad-based Black Economic Empowerment
  • An exempt Micro Enterprise

Please feel free to request copies of our BEE Certificates

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